Ever so often, Jodhpur has been described as the city that boasts sheer ethnicity and culture. From age old temples to delectable food, the city announces an inherent sense of tradition and uniqueness. Jodhpur By Foot is hence our effort to take each and every one of you through the undiscovered areas of the city in the most uncharted manner.

This walk engages one with sights of unexplored lakes and temples that ooze splendid architecture. Monuments, sweet shops and landmarks that are authentic to the city are yours to devour. You can experience markets and places that are over 100 years old.

We promise to entice you from start to finish. Whether it is with our highly renowned Jodhpuri lassi shots or experiencing how to make luscious Jalebis, the walk has it all. Praying with pandits, walking through gullies, getting a taste of folk music on-the- go are just some of the highlights. Every moment at this walk will become a memory worth etching.

Here’s to exploring differently. Join us at Jodhpur by Foot for an indelible experience. Your ‘tapri wali chai’ is waiting for you!